Colors are connected to each otherthe idea has taken shape.

   You can pick up "the colors" out of the color wheel, and grip them, move them as you like, put them side by side, sort them out, and combine them.

ARTEO has original "color leaning function" which is different from the current existing tubes.

The possibility of ARTEO as “color wheel paint"

 A unique idea to give the paint function to “the color wheel”, and to provide the color solid by the tube itself at the same time.
You can obtain your own color solid with the logic of the color which represents the globe corresponding the achromatic color to the equator, and the bright color to the Earth’s axis.
ARTEO makes everyone communicate with the color.


"Truth of the color = Color is a circle"


Collaboration of color with shape

 Breakthrough of the paint which enables structuralize elements of the chromatics systematically.
The real color of paint is visible through the transparent tube.
You can use the tubes as color samples, and you can use the top and side surface of the tubes to balance colors.

This paint is an acrylic gouache.


The paint is water-soluble and easy to use. It becomes water-proof after drying because of acrylic material. Also the paint is opaque which makes possible to overpaint like oil paint, with the higher intensity and matte finish.
You can use this paint for nail-painting
You can paint on the cloth, wood, glass, leather, rocks, bumpy objects, same as paper.
By diluting the paint with water, you can use for airbrush artwork, also for water-color-painting. ARTEO is the multifunctional paint.

ARTEO Circle Color Series

ARTEO Circle Color DO



◇12 color wheel paint◇

Set of 16:Color wheel(12various colors) , black(N1.5).gray(N4.5), white(N9.5)*2


◇Acrylic paint◇
(by Nicker Colour Co,.Ltd.)

The coloring of the paint is properly controlled by “Nicker Colour Co., Ltd” as the well established color manufacturer



◇Clear polyethylene tube◇

The familiar tube fits naturally in your hand, can open and close with a slight force.

ARTEO Circle Color Series

ARTEO Circle Color DO Full Set


DO Full-set1.jpg

DO+acrylic grid ruler(25cm),towel,
paint brush*3(flat, round, rigger/each),
paint burush case,
double face palette,
carrying case(A4 size)


Compatible paint of watercolor and
color design at each face!

DO Full-set2.jpg

Housed in a compact A4 clear case,
and easy to carry around

ARTEO Circle Color Series

ARTEO Circle Color PRO


PRO・・・Pure colors contain twice of DO. The superior beauty represents the color world.
Totally coordinated package to arrange the color tubes as flat in DO, and as longwise at PRO.


Attractive and convenient design to take out tubes by one touch of white cap


9 phases of gray scale

Beautiful gradation of the achromatic color.
Realize equable difference of the brightness level.

Munsell value:black(N1.5),7gray(N2.5-8.5), white(N9.5)